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We're a student society, that doubles as a theatre company, with almost 100 years of experience running shows, festivals, and general hi-jinks. We aim to produce quality shows, promote a safe space to give theatre a go, and support drama and performing arts in the wider Christchurch community.

Say What?



Use the form below to submit suggestions for the Papers and Scenes From a Hat. If we add any more suggestion-based games to our repertoire, you’ll be able to submit suggestions with the same form.

Remember what the suggestions are for:

  • Papers: A line which is inserted into a scene.

  • Scenes From a Hat: A prompt around which short 5-10 second scenes may be based on.

Also note that these may be somewhat censored (although not much, this is University after all).


Use this form to record all the stand-out moments from our Say What? sessions. From stupid fuck-ups to flawless scenes to one-liners that just made you cry with laughter (nasty girls); they’re all welcome here.

We’ll crack the list of all the answers out at an end of semester party and have a good laugh.



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