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We're a student society, that doubles as a theatre company, with almost 100 years of experience running shows, festivals, and general hi-jinks. We aim to produce quality shows, promote a safe space to give theatre a go, and support drama and performing arts in the wider Christchurch community.

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DramaSoc Auditions: Moonfleece

DramaSoc's latest show is looking for a cast!

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"Moonfleece is an intense and thrilling exploration of memory and identity, with themes of contemporary resonance: racism, homophobia, and how those in authority distort both the truth and the past."

This play is Philip Ridley's most direct representation yet of his hopes and fears for disadvantaged, diverse communities across the UK, as two groups of teenagers are forced to judge for themselves the prejudices and preconceptions of their parents..."



"The plot follows Curtis, who has arranged a secret meeting in a flat of a derelict tower block. Years ago, when he was a child, Curtis lived here before tragedy struck in the form of his elder brother's death. Now Curtis is seeing his brother's ghost. With the aid of Gavin and Tommy, fellow members of the right wing political party of which he is a leading figure, and his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, Curtis aims to find out why this ghost is haunting him. Things, however, do not go as planned and a hitherto secret story has to be revealed. A story that will change Curtis's life forever."




To book an audition slot, click the button below;

The performance dates are March 15th-24th 2018.

Rehearsals will most likely be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Ciarán would prefer to see what you can do with a self-prepared piece, but there may also be cold reading for particular characters. If you need some help in selecting a piece to audition with, please email audition@dramasoc.org.nz and we will help you out.

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