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We're a student society, that doubles as a theatre company, with almost 100 years of experience running shows, festivals, and general hi-jinks. We aim to produce quality shows, promote a safe space to give theatre a go, and support drama and performing arts in the wider Christchurch community.

Say What?


What is Say What? you say? It's DramaSoc's very own casual improv group, a place where both improv veterans and new recruits can have fun practicing and performing improvised theatre.

Say What? tailors to all levels of skill; old pros who want some with improv friends to send Tuesday nights with, less experienced people who want to play around or maybe #levelup, and even people who feel a bit nervous about the whole thing and just want to watch a couple sessions before they jump in.

Say What? is inclusive to any and all who want to have some wholesome improv fun. However, as we exist under the DramaSoc banner, we are a group run by students for students, and our scheduling and content reflects that (read: explicit content warning; recommended for 16+). Don’t worry if you’re not a student though, you won’t be the only one!

If you have any questions or queries; hit us up on the contact page, check out the Facebook group, or just come along!



Currently, Say What? runs bi-weekly on Tuesdays (7:30pm-9pm) and Fridays (6pm-7:30pm), with occasional workshops or pop-ups that may or may not be in those times. These times may change in future due to attendance or our ability to book rooms, any updates regarding times will be posted in the Say What? Facebook group first.

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To keep in-the-loop on all of the Say What? updates, opinion polls, banter, and high-quality memes; head to the Facebook group using the button below. Once you’re in there, check the pinned post for the password to the members page (also below). The members page contains all sorts of helpful tidbits that you can learn all about once you’re in.

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