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We're a student society, that doubles as a theatre company, with almost 100 years of experience running shows, festivals, and general hi-jinks. We aim to produce quality shows, promote a safe space to give theatre a go, and support drama and performing arts in the wider Christchurch community.

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DramaSoc AGM 2018

  • A6 Lecture Theatre University Dr Christchurch, Canterbury, 8041 New Zealand (map)


This is your chance to join the Club Exec

The DramaSoc AGM will be held at 1pm on Saturday the 29th of September in the A6 lecture theatre on the University campus.

The AGM is the most important event of the year, giving you the opportunity to be filled in on what has been happening throughout the year and the financial situation of the club, to have your say regarding changes to the constitution, and to run for Committee positions in 2019.

If you are interested in being in leadership positions within DramaSoc next year, this is the meeting to attend! Keep an eye on this event to learn more about what Committee roles typically entail.

Refreshments will be provided.


  • Welcome and introduction

  • Acceptance of 2017 AGM minutes

  • President's report

  • Treasurer's report

  • Discussion of problems surrounding selection of the second major show (Report can be found here)

  • Election of 2019 Committee

  • Constitutional amendments (Amendments can be found here)

  • General Business


  • We have received no nominations for Officer positions and so nominations will be taken from the floor of the AGM.

  • Nominees for any Committee position are encouraged to make it clear that they are running to the wider community so that those who are unable to attend can cast reasonable proxy votes.


We have no current pending nominations for life membership that have been approved by the Committee.

We will be accepting nominations to be considered for this AGM up until 12pm tomorrow. To do so, email secretary@dramasoc.org.nz with the person's name, whether or not you wish to remain anonymous, and a blurb about why they should be nominated and what they've done for the club.


The President has written a report (distinct from his main report) in which he discusses the controversies surrounding the selection of the second major show this year.

That document can be found here.


Below is a list of all the submitted constitutional amendments, the section or article they affect, and their author. To read the actual amendments, click here.

The current version of the Constitution can be found here.

  1. Amendment to Clarify and Restructure the Object of the Society (3.1)
    – Samuel Gibson

  2. Amendment to Clarify the Nomination Process for General Committee Members (9.4)
    – Samuel Gibson

  3. Amendment to Clarify the Nomination Process for Officer Roles (9.5)
    – Samuel Gibson

  4. Amendment to Ease the Process of Conferring Life Memberships (7.6.2)
    – Samuel Gibson

  5. Amendment to Address the Casting Vote in Committee Meetings (9.6.3)
    – Samuel Gibson

  6. Amendment to Redefine of the Date of the Annual General Meeting (8.7)
    – Luke Longworth

  7. Amendment to Redefine the Date of the Annual General Meeting and the Term of Committee (2.5, 2.7, 8.7, 9.6, 16.1)
    – Samuel Gibson

  8. Amendment to Ensure Familiarity with the Constitution Within the Committee (11.1)
    – Samuel Gibson & Luke Longworth

  9. Amendment to Ensure UCSA Involvement in the Handling of Complaints Against Committee Members (14)
    – Luke Longworth

  10. Amendment to Create a Formal Complaints Process (New Article)
    – Samuel Gibson

  11. Amendment to Formalise the Proposal Process (New Article)
    – Samuel Gibson

  12. Amendment to Remove Conflicts of Interest in the Proposal Process (9)
    – Luke Longworth

  13. Amendment to Allow Creation of a Special Proposal Panel (9)
    – Fraser Robinson

Later Event: November 18
Proposal Meetup
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